Covid-19 Revised Level 4 Restrictions (as of 28 June 2021)

Squash SA recommends that no play takes place to assist the country to get the COVID pandemic under control. However, should Clubs choose to continue playing, please see the undermentioned changes which should be implemented as a minimum requirement to protect players’ health and relieve pressure on our health system.

• No “Play and Stay” but “Play and Go”

• 50% of club courts to be used only

• No league/organised matches or tournaments – just social/friendly games

• Clubs to close at 8pm sharp to enable people to return home before curfew

• No alcohol to be sold at clubs

• Only singles no doubles

• Masks to be worn upon entering and leaving the club. Masks only to be taken off on the court

• Changerooms and toilets to be only used in case of an emergency. No showers or saunas etc

• All players using courts need to be a currently registered player with Squash SA through

• No sharing of equipment

• No wiping hands on walls of courts

• No water fountains – bring your own water

• Sign-in procedures, sanitising, and temperature checking on a recorded register

• No guests or spectators

• Only Return to Play approved Clubs to be open

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me on 083 601 2098.

Jennifer Sawyer

National Manager