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MODIFIED COVID RESTRICTIONS (as at 14th January 2021)

Per the President’s most recent announcement, and relevant to all squash in South Africa, please take note of the following:

The Country, remains at a modified National Level 3, as per the Disaster Management Act, 20023 (Act No 57 of 2002). Various reports are being received on tournaments/ clubs and/or individuals NOT following these rules. We don’t take the following lightly and the health of players, coaches and administrators so well as the good standing of Squash SA, with the department of Sport, Arts and Culture (dASC), must take priority for the good of all.

Should you be found to not be compliant with any of the below, please note, permissions to play, will be revoked at clubs AND players will be sanctioned, according to the Disciplinary Rules of Squash SA (including a fine and/or banned from play).

To that end, and for clarity, please take note of the following:

• Permitted Activities o League play is permitted, pending sanction and approval by the provincial body in your area (please note, the local hotspot conditions, and enacted Risk Assessments, by your committees may mean that no league (or variations, thereof are permitted). Please follow up with your Provincial Body. o Tournaments are permitted  with a maximum of 50 persons or less (including staff) in a venue,  assuming all players are registered with Squash SA (SportyHQ), AND  the club is approved to open under Level 3, or higher - you can check this list to see if your club is approved o Club leagues, closed leagues, etc are permitted, pending the club only operates at 50% capacity, or a max of 50ppl, at any given time o Doubles, is permitted, although we strongly caution against this, owing to the obvious higher risk to the individuals.  As above, your Province/ Club may disallow doubles, based on the current risks in your area. The onus is on you, to check with that body, before playing.

• Criteria to continue play/ training and coaching o ALL Players and Coaches, need to be:  Registered with their respective club AND province (including being in good standing)  Registered with Squash South Africa (SportyHQ), up to and including this year 31 March 2021 (R120pp). To check if you’re registered, click through from the Squash SA website, main page. Look for the Player Registration button on the main page/ banner.  Masks must be worn at all times, if you show any symptoms of COVID, seek medical advice, and avoid the clubs for 10 days, or as advised by a medical practitioner  A full register must be completed accurately on entering the club, with temperature checks etc. o All Venues, need to:  Make sure all hygiene protocols are being followed, and the facilities are being cleaned  Access controls are used (screening and registers), to ensure only members and/or authorised persons enter AND can be traced  Sanitizer is available at all times, for persons entering and using the venue  Player bookings have to be used, and no “hanging around” at the club, before or after your games

• Non-Permitted Activities o Bar/ Restaurants can only operate per their regulated permissions o Changerooms, are not permitted to open o Toilets, only in the case of an emergencies o Curfew’s, as per national criteria (9pm to 5am)

Play is voluntary, and it remains your responsibility to be safe and compliant with all National and Local rules and regulations

Paul S Vermaak | Squash South Africa COVID-19 Compliance Officer

14th January 2021

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