Accredited Coaches

Western Province

Rodney Durbach (Level 2, Full Time)

Gary Wheadon (Level 2, Full Time)

Paul Atkinson (Level 2, Part Time)

Munro Montanus (Level 2, Part Time)

Rowan Smith (Level 2, Part Time)

Ian Harvey (Level 1, Full Time)

Andre Naude (Level 1, Part Time)

William Tweddle (Level 1)

Milnay Louw (Level 1, Full Time)

Siyoli Waters (Level 1, Part Time)

Kim Commins (Level 1, Part Time)

Dean Nortier (Level 1, Part Time)

Nicole Gliddon (Level 1, Part Time)

Wendy Harvey (Level 1, Part Time)

Lenore Fuller (Level 1, Part Time)

Gill van Vlaanderen (Level 1, Full Time)

Alex Fuller (Level 1, Part Time)

Julie Anne Bray (Level 1)

Sally Smith

Kerr Rogers (Level 1)

Steve Smith

Katie Mayhew

Jonathan Just

Clyde Kalp

Shirley Whitmore (Level 1)

* list as at February 2021

Accredited Coaches


Richard Castle (Level 2, Full Time)

Darren Bruce Brand (Level 1, Full Time)

Malcolm Gordon (Level 1, Part Time)

Gerhard van Eeden (Level 1, Part Time)

Willem van Tonder (Level 1, Part Time)

Thean Toerien (Level 1, Part Time)

Marjorie Smit (Level 1, Part Time)

Lizane Vlok (Level 1, Part Time)

* list as at February 2021

Courses (2021)

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