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The policy is effective from 1 February 2022 and will be updated every two years.

For review by the Squash SA Board: by February 2024


Squash SA (SSA) requires all active squash players to register on its designated database. A published process is in place for senior players (18 years and over) to register either through their respective clubs or individually via the SSA website. Youth players under 18 years of age (formerly known as juniors) are required to register, especially to participate in inter-schools, regional, provincial, national or international competition. This policy addresses assistance offered to youth players up to the age of 24, who represent emerging and potential talent who may require support to pay various fees associated with squash.


This policy applies to all youth players (24 years and under) and to the administrators of the designated SSA database.


3.1. SSA is committed to ensure that youth talent is provided access to development opportunities and competition at all           levels. To do so, such talent needs to be registered on the SSA database so that their performance and development           can be monitored and adjusted.

3.2. Identified talented youth players may apply to SSA for assistance for additional support to cover costs, including but           not limited to:

       3.2.1. the annual SSA registration fee

       3.2.2. local competition entry fees, travel, accommodation

       3.2.3. international competition fees, travel, accommodation

       3.2.4. racket, competition wear and shoes

       3.2.5. local transport

       3.2.6. coaching fees

       3.2.7. sports science and medical support

       3.2.8. gym fees.

3.3. Any application for assistance i.e. a waiver of, full subsidy or grant needs to be submitted formally by letter or email to the National Officer with a motivation supporting the application and full applicant details, i.e. name, ID, address, school, province, contact details, residence status, standard of play.

3.4. Such application must be submitted through any one of the following channels​:​

       3.4.1. The school which the youth player is attending

       3.4.2. The youth committee of the province in which the youth player resides

       3.4.3. The provincial committee of the province in which the youth player resides

       3.4.4. The National Youth Committee

       3.4.5. Provincial Development committees

3.5. Only South African residents and citizens will be considered.

3.6. SSA will consider all applications against available budget, make a decision, record the outcome with date and the details of successful applicants on the SSA database, inform the applicant and relevant channel of the outcome and any conditions attached to the grant.

3.7. Where a grant is made to waive or subsidise the annual membership fee, SSA will provide the applicant a database ID for competition purposes. 

3.8. Applicants need only apply once to waive or subsidise the annual SSA registration fee. They will remain on the database as “paid-up” until SSA removes them.

3.9. SSA will review past successful youth talent applications annually. Where players are no longer performing in accordance with expected potential or reach the end of the calendar year in which they attain the age of 24, they will be removed from the player database. SSA will notify such individuals of their removal, with reason, and also notify the channel through which their application was received of this action.


The policy is effective from 1 February 2022 and will be updated every two years.

Communication sent by Squash South Africa (October 2023)

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