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Effective May 2022

For review by the Board: by May 2024


       1.1. The Committee is composed of 11 members provided that a Province or Associate Member may not have more                     than one (1) representative elected to the Committee:

               1.1.1. Nine (9) members elected at the annual inter-provincial tournament.

               1.1.2. Two (2) members must come from an Associate Member (SACD, USSA or schools).

               1.1.3. At least 50% of the members must be women.

               1.1.4. A member of the Sport SA Athletes’ Commission is automatically a member of the Committee ex officio in                             addition to the 11 members.

        1.2. Where there is a lack of demographic representation, the Board may appoint up to two (2) additional members

               on the recommendation of the Players’ Committee.

        1.3. The term of office is 4 years.

    2. PURPOSE

        2.1. The mission of the Committee is to represent the views of the players and make their voice heard within Squash                   SA (SSA).  In order to achieve this, the Committee should:

               2.1.1. consider issues related to players and provide advice to the Board.

               2.1.2. represent the rights and interests of players at all levels of the game (squash and squash 57; grassroots to                               elite) and to make related recommendations.

               2.1.3. liaise with Sport SA’s Athletes’ Commission, WSF Athletes’ Commission and the Professional Squash


        2.2. The Committee shall have the following specific tasks and activities:

                2.2.1. to establish a means of seeking players’ opinions on issues of major importance through as wide a network                            of players as possible.

                2.2.2. to keep the Board regularly informed of player opinion on issues of major importance.

                2.2.3. to report to the Board on organisational issues that may arise in connection with player participation at the                            different competitions organised under SSA’s jurisdiction.

                2.2.4. to provide opinions on specific issues of interest particularly tournaments, seedings and ranking systems.

                2.2.5. to promote a “healthy image” and “fair play”.

                2.2.6. to liaise and consult with SSA committees, where appropriate.

                2.2.7. to promote and foster the development of squash and squash 57 including acting as role models and                                      mentors.


        3.1. SSA will organise an election during the IPT in the year of the Commonwealth Games.

        3.2. SSA will send information, including an  election  leaflet  which  presents  all  the candidates and gives general                       information on the elections (dates, locations, voting procedure etc.) to all provinces and Associate Members in                     due time and the  election  campaign  and  process  must  be  organised  and conducted by SSA.

        3.3. The eligibility of each candidate is confirmed by the Board at its meeting held at least one (1) month prior to the                    IPT but candidates must be nominated by his/her province or Associate Member.

        3.4. To be eligible nominees must:

                3.4.1. be at least 16 years of age.

                3.4.2. be a South African citizen.

                3.4.3. not have been sanctioned for a doping offence or any other breach of the code of ethics or other SSA                                    policy.

                3.4.4. be a fully paid up member of SSA.

                3.4.5. nominated by their Province or Associate Member.

                3.4.6. be an active player or, where retired, have been active in the last World Championships (singles, doubles or                            team) in the last eight (8) years for players in 1.1.1 in the case of a player nominated to serve a second term.

         3.5. The candidature must include the following documents and be received by SSA by the date set in the invitation                    to nominate:

                3.5.1. a candidature form, duly signed by the candidate and the President/Chair of his/her Province or Associate                              Member.

                3.5.2. a complete biography form.

                3.5.3. a recent passport photo.

          3.6. All athletes taking part in the IPT have the right to vote provided that:

                 3.6.1. each player has one (1) vote.

                 3.6.2. the vote must be exercised in person and by secret ballot.

                 3.6.3. voting by proxy or correspondence is not allowed.

                 3.6.4. abstentions,  blank  or  spoiled  votes  are  not  taken  into  consideration  in  the calculation of the                                           required majority.

          3.7. The candidates who obtain the highest number of votes are elected to the Committee provided that, in case of                     a tie, preference is given to a candidate:

                 3.7.1. of a Province or Associate Member not yet represented.

                 3.7.2. to balance gender equity.


       After the elections, the Board can complete the membership of the Committee with a maximum of two (2) other                   members (active or retired but former players having taken part at least at one (1) World Championships) in order to             ensure a fair balance in terms of demographics, gender equity etc.


        5.1. The Chair will elected by the Committee members and serve as a Board member.

        5.2. The Chair may be an active or retired player.

        5.3. In addition, the Chairperson, or nominee, shall represent the Committee in Sport SA, WSF and PSA meetings as                   requested.


        6.1. The Committee shall meet at least once a year before, at, or after the IPT.

        6.2. Meetings may be in person, by electronic means or a combination.

        6.3. In case of inactive members they may be replaced after one (1) year by the Committee for good cause.

        6.4. The working language of the Committee will be English.


      The policy is effective from XX May 2022 and will be updated every two years.


Communication sent by Squash South Africa (October 2023)

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