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WP Referees


Mike Collins (Regional & World Assessor)

Ian Harvey (National)

Munro Montanus (National) 

Marius Stols (Provincial)

Chris Boyes (Provincial)

Andre Naude (Club) 

Deon Hugo (Club) 

Bevan Alperstein (Club)

Maverick Pearson (Club)

Katie Mayhew (Club)

Andrenette Stols (Club)

Graham Jefferey (Club)

* list as at 31 October 2022

Please follow the links below to download the latest versions of Squash SA’s Refereeing Resources.

M&R Courses (2024)

Awaiting latest info to be published by Squash South Africa.


Exam: The Squash South Africa (SSA) Level 1 exam is included in the course and is kept on file with SSA for a minimum of 2 years. 

(05 December 2023)

Coaching & Refereeing: Coaches
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