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WPS & WPMS League Fixtures 2023

The WP Squash and WP Masters Squash leagues are all published and live on SportyHQ and have been sanctioned by Squash South Africa.

Log on to SportyHQ (If you have not already done so you will need to create your account). All players need to be registered and fully paid up on SportyHQ before league starts (w/c 17th April 2023).

Only Club admins can add players to the teams so please send Penny your updated SSA lists so she can add all the coordinators to the system.

NB TO NOTE: In the event of a players who is not paid up on SportyHQ and entered on a score card, the system will automatically award the game points to the opposition. Should a player who is not registered on SportyHQ be entered on a score card, the match will be awarded as a walkover to the opponent and penalty points will incur. These are system generated, and cannot be overridden.

WPS affiliated clubs communication, 04 April 2023

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