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WSO Webinar Workshop (09 December 2021)

World Squash Officiating (WSO) now has well over 1200 registered users and 9 partnering Member Nation Federations.

The first WSO Webinar Workshop, the ‘WSO Refinar’ will look at a range of clips from the recent US Open and discuss the decision-making process. There will be a chance for participants to interact, comment, and ask questions.

The WSO Refinar is a free event open to all WSO Level 1 Officials and above and individuals MUST pre-register to attend. We are running two sessions to make it as widely accessible as possible for people in differing parts of the world. We will also be recording the session and will look to make it available on the WSO platform as a development resource.

WSO Refinar 1 Date: Thursday 9th December 2021 Session 1 – 10.00hrs (UK time) To register:

Session 2 – 19.00hrs (UK time) To register:

Open to all WSO Level 1 and above registered users. Please only register for one session.

The WSO Refinar 1 is the first of what is hoped will become a regular series of webinar workshops where clips from recent events can be used to train, develop and enthuse referees. This first event is open to all Level 1 officials and above, but future webinars will look to target different levels of referees and focus on different areas so that everybody can benefit from them.

Numbers are limited for these sessions so please register as soon as possible.

If you need any help or assistance you can either contact us through the WSO platform or at:

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